• Cat in a box
  • German Shepherd in a cage
  • Jack Russel Terrier on a lawn
  • Cats in a cage


Christelle (President), Béatrice (Treasurer) and Jill (Secretary) are the founding members of this non-profit association. The aim is:

  • to collect funds to build a new animal shelter for Tarbes and the surrounding communes
  • to improve the lot of all animals, to defend their rights, to give them help and protection, to find them permanent homes
  • to ensure animal protection laws are respected and to try to improve them and to help raise awareness among the public
  • to run a shelter for animals that are lost, abandoned or boarding
  • to provide a pound for stray animals under a contract with local authorities
  • the association is a non-profit organisation.

We are committed to working with associations for autistic or handicapped children as well as old people’s homes and to developing a boarding facility for animals when their owners are suddenly taken ill.

Help us to make this project a success. 
Thank you.